Shehala IT Limited can help you preserve your website investment by putting together a website maintenance services plan to keep your website secure, online and up to date. One of the most vital parts of owning and operating a website is maintaining it on a practical basis. Don’t wait until it is several versions behind, has been hacked or slowed to a crawl, we can keep your site running well, now and into the future.

Shehala IT Limited website maintenance service plans focus on these key areas:

  • Real time security
  • Malware and hack detection with immediate cleanup
  • Backups, Lots of backups
  • Regular Software updates (core, themes and plugins)
  • Website performance & uptime monitoring
  • On-call web support / webmaster services when you need it

Shehala IT Limited Web Support provides client-service focused website maintenance services. With over 50 individual sites that we are responsible for and several folks that have well over 8 years’ experience in Web Development, we consider ourselves experts from trouble shooting quickly and efficiently to helping you plan your next new feature; we are consultants, developers and client support specialists.