Iphone and Android Application:
Mobile application for Brand Shops all over the Europe. It is possible to find YOUR favorite brand of clothes, shoes and accessories through our application, City Brands. It helps you to get a quick overview of the shops that just sell your favorite brand in a city you do not know much about. With a few clicks you can get guidance via map mode view store contact information (phone number and email address) and identify which other brands store retailer. City Brands affects a wide range of Danish cities, and make your search for specific brands much easier.

Iphone Application:
With Classic Race Aarhus app you all the time is updated in relation to the latest news, maps, program, race program, drivers, live results, tickets, sponsors, videos, photo gallery and much else that moves in connection with the Classic Race Aarhus. If you have with this app so all the information you need in connection with the Classic Race Aarhus, allowing you to easily and quickly in connection with the race can keep up – either from the sidelines when the cars whiz past, or if you just want to be updated.

Online Christmas Calendar System:
During all the Christmas day starting with December 1 the client will get the opportunity to insert questions, sponsors as well as choosing winners for the Interactive Christmas Quiz calendar.

File Manager Desktop Application
Description: Managing, Uploading, Downloading, Checking and Deleting Print Ready PDF for the group of Agencies and Customers. It makes easy while there is an option for chatting/commenting on each files and see the output live.

HTML5 Banner with Dynamic Backend
Banner items can be changed dynamically from the backend by the backend users/clients. There are also options to see the click counts on every banners.

Online system for ordering the banners
Through this online ordering system the banner clients can send banner jobs directly, they can even check the status, change the banner animations if necessary etc.
Catalog conversion system to flipbook
Online catalog conversion from PDF to interactive Flipbook format.

Mobile and Desktop Games:
We have developed several games both for mobile and desktop platform. The mobile games in the app store and google play are: Fly Copter, Tennis Juggle and for the desktop platform the game names are – Co2 Connie(Shooting)