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8 Reasons Why Visual Content is Important for Online Marketing

visual_content 13 Feb

Every day millions of contents are posted online in different forms of posts like blog articles, e-books, whitepapers, slide shows, infographics and videos. People are overloaded with information when it comes to the matter of buying a product or service. Just imagine how much information gets published each day from millions of internet marketers, and how they are struggling to get leads for business. Your content may easily get lost in the jungle of contents and it is even harder to be noticed by your targeted customers. What is the best way to stand out in the crowd?

Visualized data can be the best answer for an effective content marketing campaign and attract people easily. Visualized content like images or infographics has great power to grab attention, increase reader engagement and let them share the content in their network. Here is the fact what makes images and infographics important in online marketing.
1. Makes a Post Appealing

Visual contents like infographic are more appealing to readers than a text post. Colors play an important role in visual content marketing. For instance, research showed a yellow-colored Call-to-Action button result 14.5% more conversion than a green-colored button. Variations of color help people absorbing information easily.

What is more, human brain loves facts, figures, statistics and other graphical elements. If an infographics is presented in compelling way with well-written texts, it captures visitors’ attention easily. Another study reveals 90% of information that comes to the brain is visual.
2. Awakens Visitor’s Interest

A well-designed infographics has power to fascinate everyone and it makes people to read it. Even a less interested person of the field will go through the information at least once because of its presentation style.
3. Boosts Traffic

Infographics make complex date easier to understand, and turn boring information and eye-staining texts into visually enticing graphic. Such piece of content people enjoys reading and shares on their social media network. In this way, infographics get more visitors than a simple text-only blog post.
4. Increases Reader Engagement

Use of image in a blog post spices up the content and it persuades a reader to explore other pages of the site. The readers like to take more actions in the site like subscribe, bookmark or leave comment.
5. Boosts SEO

Images directly and indirectly works in boosting SEO. Use of relevant image, with proper image optimization, improves search engine ranking. Because of its increased reader engagement, overall bounce rate of the site reduces. The site turns into authority site eventually.
6. Easily Remembered

Images help readers to remember the site for next visit. In addition, an infographics contains business logo, website address, e-mail and contact information. In this way, your business name imprints in your readers mind.
7. Boost Business Credibility

An infographics makes you expert to your visitor on the particular niche. It increases credibility of your brand and product. Even when an image embedded post is shared, it gets more clicks than an ordinary text content.
8. Offline Promotion

Image or infographics content are not limited to internet to spread around. Because of its attractive look, people like to adhere it on wall or share offline. You just need to put your website address in the infographics. Your business will be promoted offline also.

A post goes viral when it is created with proper image or developed in infographic form. However, it is essential to ensure that your infographics are designed in right way with sufficient information. Texts should be concise, as you need to put information and graphical matters together in a single page.

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