Our team of HTML5 game developers in Shehala IT Limited  is skilled at working with HTML5 technologies. We are familiar with the limitation of HTML5 particularly in its rendering on mobile devices.

We will help you to conceptualize and develop HTML5 games and advert games based on your goals. Our experience with HTML5 has given us a deep insight into what frameworks should be adopted and what engines work best when rendering across multiple desktop machines and mobile devices.

We use HTML5 game engines like the Open Source Box2D to bring physics to your games while keeping the game playable on mobile devices. Our HTML5 game developers ensure that the game is developed within the lowest possible file size and our team of product managers will advise you on the possibilities within your game.

We test the HTML5 games we develop on multiple mobile devices based on the universe of device support that you require.

Have an idea for an HTML5 game? Get in touch with us here.